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May. 20th, 2030

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Nov. 1st, 2012

Counting Down from Hong Kong

9 more days to Singapore!

And while we're talking numbers: 

- 10 days to my cousin's wedding

- 16 days to Hong Kong (again)

- 54 days to Christmas 

- xx days to new crib in Singapore (yay!)

Happy Campers

Two things I love about Hong Kong: one, it's 80% terrain (hello nature!) and two, it has a gazillion public holidays.

At the end of September, the stars converged.

Thanks to some "day after" Mid-Autumn celebratory thingy followed by some "day after" National Day thingy, Oyster Boy and I were treated to a four-day weekend with which we spent camping out at Tai Lung Wan. The last time I camped was a good 15 years ago - that's if you consider slumming out in an emptied classroom camping. I'm not sure if it was my terribly fulfilling experience with camping as a child or lack thereof, but I've always thought of the idea rather romantically. The ideal takeaway started out innocently enough - building sandcastles by day, bon-firing marshmallows by night and lots of lazy nappings in between. Then, as with all things blended with age, HBO and a modest disposable income, my perfect camp concept evolved.

In my head as of 2012, camping involves having a tent pitched in the path of fresh (preferably Japanese) wind, starting a fire cave-people-style (in modern-people-time), retiring over an episode (or three) of Spartacus on the iPad every evening and waking up to the soundtrack of rolling waves every morning. That, and et cetera et cetera.

I guess you could say when a proper camp gig finally came around, I was hell-bent on living the dream. 

Mission 1: Housekeep beach-front studio

Misson 2: Engineer a sand-masterpiece 

Mission 3: Pose with masterpiece

Mission 4: Dig incredibly large hole 

Mission 5: Make incredibly larger hole larger

Mission 6: Set hole on fire 

Mission 7: Read

Mission 8: Run

Mission 9: Jump

Misson 10: Look happy with boyfriend (front)

Misson 10: Look happy with boyfriend (back)

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Oct. 12th, 2012


I'm back, you guys! - from a crazy couple months of Hong Kong - Singapore shuttle. A little something to revive this space while I go apartment hunting: 

Sailing the super cute Weta Trimaran with (the similarly cute) Amandina 

God do I miss typing stuff on my hugeass iMac! 


Jul. 8th, 2012

Too Fast, Too Furious

I've gone from a life of glossing through Vogue and doing anything I damn well please, to one that revolves around step-parenting books and meticulous editing of my own personality.

Living with a partner who has children can be a very daunting, tricky affair; especially if you don't have kids of your own to begin with, and the family you're injected into contains preadolescents.

I've had a very difficult first week with my new loot, which ended in Oyster Boy and I having our first epic fight. Even in the thick of screaming, crying and crazed pacing around the bedroom (couldn't pace downstairs because the kids were around, couldn't get out of the apartment because we agreed on a never-leave-the-house-during-a-fight policy), I never languished in the thought of quitting. I hope I never will be seduced to, hence my current obsession over coping literature on how to survive in blended families.

Some takeaways from Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel and Act the Way We Do :

"By ignoring problems with his kids' behavior and adjustment -- a disease to which every father who divorces and re-partners seems prone -- he leaves the woman in an unenviable position, with a few equally unappealing options: she can fend for herself, feeling unsupported; tell the man something about his child that he may hear as criticism; or go silent."


"Those of us who come into our stepkids' lives when they are preadolescents or adolescents will, experts such as psychologist E.Mavis Hetherington tell us, have the hardest time of all, but not necessarily because of anything we do. The development imperative of the adolescent, researchers who study stepfamilies explain, is to separate, while the stepmother and her partner are likely feeling the imperative to blend. So when a family is forming at just this moment in a child's life, it gives new meaning to the concept of being at cross-purpose..."


Jun. 27th, 2012

Crazy Is...

... when a prospective tenant views your apartment as-is (ergo still heaving with personal crap, furniture and miscellaneous belongings) today and wanting to move in today.

Woah, lady!

In Other News:

Goodbye my darling loft. You've given me two glorious years of serenity and joy.

You will be missed. Sorely.      


Jun. 21st, 2012

Scary Aunty Sheabutter

Oyster Boy has two kids from a previous marriage, and I got to meet them for the first time yesterday.

I like the 14 year-old girl. She's cool, well-mannered, witty and smart.

Then there's the 10 year-old boy who finds me (and I quote) "scary", repeatedly kicks at my precious new table despite my politely and specifically telling him not to; and from the bleak look of things will remain unabashedly rude to me for eternity.

I'm currently done with work but am deliberately stretching my unofficial working hours - just for some solo time.

One day in and I'm hiding from the kids.

I'm hoping the boy is just going through a phase.

How do you guys do it for life? 

Jun. 19th, 2012

Three Thai Trips in Three Months

I think we're pretty set for 2012. I think.

It seemed centuries ago I was in Bangkok last (truth: March) and all I recalled of it was a whirlwind week of work, room service and sleep. And Oyster Boy charming me with St. Regis, ludicrously decadent massages and hours of chat after my work stint. Forward three months later, and we're down to the emailing-each-other-while-in-the-same-room, running-after-BTS, 250-baht-massage kind of relationship. Things are finally getting real and I guess there's only one thing to say:


I'll take a 250 baht hardcore massage over Krug and diamonds any day honey :D

We hauled home 40+kg of house stuff from this trip and and air-freighted another 25kg. Am currently upgrading his leathery Bachelor pad with light Scandinavian accents, matt white crockery and soft fragrances. A critical process since I'm officially moving in after my month-long Shanghai rendezvous. I've sunk to a level of poverty where I can't afford to keep my loft anyway.

Follow your dreams, they say. You will make bank of it one day, they say. Well, whoever they are obviously haven't tried writing for money. 
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Jun. 14th, 2012

I Like it Like it, He Likes it Likes, We Like it Like it...

We Buy IT!

Everyone, meet the new addition to our family: 

Otto by Paolo Cappello dining table, professionally-taken shot

Delivered this morning, 3.33am shoddy PhotoBooth shot

In other news: I just popped a frozen glob of leftover veggie medley into the psycho microwave/ oven/ whatever machine - on a fine china Noritake bowl. I suspect this food-crockery-microwave combination will not bode well with Mr Oyster (who as I was typing this sleep-wandered downstairs because he couldn't find me in bed. O_o) 

A close call, it was.
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Jun. 12th, 2012

Samui Samui

How I wished my week-long hideout in Samui was a vortex of lazy days and delicious nights. Y'know, the sort of mindless yet fuzzy vacations only freshly-minted, limerent couples can pull off. The 11am breakfasts. The aimless afternoons. The mojito-charged bedroom fun. The living of delusion plus the whole shebang.

The truth my friends, however, was more romantic.

Oyster Boy and I worked through breakfast the first four days (and I, through dinner on the fifth), did hardcore pilates, dived at four sites and drove miles hunting for cool restaurants (to work from, naturally).

We'd be up by 8am everyday and settled into our ocean-view breakfast table with three phones, two laptops, two pots of industrial-strength tea and seven wi-fi access codes by 9. To get our monies worth, we'd steal five-second glances of the azure gulf - me, from the monitor tip of my MacBook and him while yelling at/bossing people over the phone.   

I gave birth to a Christchurch story on my birthday holiday, and Oyster Boy was there to watch me labour. The way his eyes glistened when I finally delivered my article during entrée at the Four Seasons - sigh, it was such a moving moment.

I really hate to admit this so early on, but we fit so well.

We're both psychos who love:

shacking up in gorgeous hotels

(views from our W Retreat Koh Samui: Ocean View Escape Room)

attention to detail

(I once mentioned I love cream Indian roses. They were out of season on my birthday and he replaced them with an equally brilliant alternative)

beach getaways

(First two images taken at Four Seasons. Third from Nikki Beach)

posing for/ shooting awesome photos 

(All taken with an iPhone at Four Seasons, unedited)

diving, or doing anything water-related 

(We did two dives at Koh Tao and two at Sail Rock with 100 Degrees East. Very competent dive crew, chiefly British, provides top-of-the-range Suunta/ Scuba Pro equipment. Koh Tao had remarkable visibility but underwhelming marine life. Boring and not worth the 90-minute queasy boat ride out. Sail Rock had larger pelagics and kookier corners to play with - after you battle through super strong currents that is. Highly recommended site but unsuitable for beginners. Again, I missed the whale shark - by a day this time. Oyster Boy and I are perfect buddies - we consume the same amount of air for all four dives. Must be destiny)

In other news: I'm so tired, but equally happy :) And we're heading to Bangkok in 1.5 days. Life is sweet.
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